Courtesan Massage / Taoist Massage – Loving and Sensual

Traditionally passed down through the courtesan societies of ancient China, the massage techniques of the courtesan were used to revitalise the sexual and spiritual energies of the men upon whom she bestowed her favours.

The touch of her hands made the tense and cold, pliable and warm, and the dull and tired, awake and energetic.

On an external level, her massage is a 'feel good' massage, but internally, it is also a 'sexual-spiritual' experience. By stimulating sexual energy, she also awakens her man's spirit and allows him to feel relaxed, revitalised, whole and loved.

Experience the massage for yourself!

For an appointment call 9842 2261 or text 0430596499 and ask for Lily

- About Lily -
Lily is a beautiful and slender girl of mixed-Asian heritage. Long black hair, red lips, soft skin and a willow waist are among some of her stunning features.
Lily is available on Wednesday and Thursday from 12 noon..

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