Face Sitting for women

...is an ART form that goes far beyond than just a woman sitting her ass on a man’s face.

The use of the male face, nose, lips and tongue to give sexual pleasure to a woman was first recorded in Egyptian hieroglyphs…
Once the slave was in position, the ladies would lift their skirts and use them to cover the entire scenario. Gentle rhythmic hip and buttock movements meant they could enjoy private orgasms with others present.

I'm a xx year old stud with a good body .Willing to pleasure in other ways as well.

However, I have an insatiable libido and I'm looking for some mutual oral enjoyment. If u like I am able to fuck you senseless, I have excellent oral skills . I am willing to be used as a face slave will lick and rim you to the point of orgasm and beyond.After that I am willing to fuck you senseless .

I'm sure with some tlc, we can get this thing licked and have some fun.

I can accommodate and can travel.

txt me xxxxxxxxxx

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